Wonderful Waste Canvas

I first came across waste canvas in a small needlework shop in France and was completely enchanted when I was able to embroider flowers and initials on some little cotton dresses for my twin nieces.

Unfortunately this type of waste canvas has now been discontinued in favour of soluble canvas which at 14 holes per inch is still fantastic for cross stitch but not so good for seed beads which are slightly too large to sit flat…….

However, hoorah for beading canvas. At 12 holes per inch it is perfect for size 11 seed beads, may be used like a tapestry canvas using 6 strands of embroidery thread and it can be used as a waste canvas to apply either beads or cross stitch to other fabrics.

Simply tack the beading canvas to your fabric. Complete your design in either seed beads or cross stitch. Dampen the finished needlework with clean water and pull the waste canvas threads out from beneath your stitches….Voila!Waste Canvas Collage


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