French Market Embroidery Finds

Just popped over to France for a few days and induged in one of my favorite pursuits…..looking for new embroidery books. My French is diabolical but the joy of needlework books is you can be inspired and muddle through regardless of language.

I love this idea found in ‘Marie Claire Idees, Broderies plein de points plain d’idees.’ Simply take a vintage jacquard or damask tablecloth and use the woven pattern as a guide for some freehand embroidery. I remember plenty of these tablecloths being pushed to the back of drawers as a child but I guess the best place to look for them now is probably eBay, local charity shops or antique fairs. If I had enough time I would love to create a bedspread, but a smaller area could easily make the most stunning cushion or bag.



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