A Weekend WIP Update

Wow, this has been stitched so carefully, it is going to look quite beautiful and it is a real treat to see one of my little designs on another blog – thank you Catherine.


Hillview Embroidery

I hope everyone had a lovely festive season, and are continuing to enjoy the relaxed and happy atmosphere this time of year brings!

I have returned from my wonderful (and overdue) trip back to Australia where I spent time with my family and friends. Not surprisingly, it was a lot hotter there than in the UK, something I really struggled with! Thankfully, there was some good rainfall, which brought with it some welcome cooler weather! (Well I certainly welcomed it anyway!).

Not surprisingly, most of my time was spent enjoying the precious time with family and friends, catching up with everyone, and meeting my new niece and nephews for the first time. So, not a lot to update you on with my progress of the Ann’s Orchard Clutch, however I did spend some very enjoyable time stitching a couple of the leaves.

holiday stitching 5.jpg

You may recall that I had decided…

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