Tea Towel Transformation

Sometimes you come across an item that cries out to be used for something other than it is intended. I found this tea towel, designed by Holly Fream for Anthropologie, just before Christmas and decided it was far too good to be used to dry the dishes.

My daughter is quite obsessed with pug dogs so the design was perfect to create a cushion for her. I simply raided my stash of embroidery threads, popped the pug in an embroidery frame, stitched as the mood took me and finished his eyes with some jet black beads.

Making the cushion was simple, I just folded the embroidered fabric in half and stitched the edge seam before turning it the correct way and stiching a second seam to create a border.

Then the bobbles. Normally I would just insert a bobble edging into the seam but I thought I would try a crochet edging and was quite surprised at how well it worked.

If you would like to try, then hunt out those tea towels and click on the image below for a set of illustrated instructions…..

Pug Tea Towel Cushion

Tea Towel to Cushion



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