Woolly Scales

I am a recent convert to crochet but how I love twiddling the wool into fantastic shapes. This is another breakfast time idea….I need a woolly croc and thank goodness I had plenty of yarn to hand to get going straight away!!! It has taken several attempts but chuffed with these woolly scales I have made up as a sample. I now have to fathom out how to twiddle the wool into the other shapes I have in mind to create this critter….Will keep you posted.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 18.05.27.png


3 thoughts on “Woolly Scales

  1. Where did you find the pattern for this? I’m doing one of those damn mermaid blankets and this might be just the thing to jazz up the top!


      1. Thank you! I will check it out! I’ve altered it slightly to include a zip so its going to be more of a mermaid sleeping bag but when finished it will definitely be on my blog.

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