Library Treasure Trove

I seem to be very fortunate in having a local library which, although quite small, seems to have the most amazing selection of arts and crafts related books that they change on a regular basis. This week’s find is 1960s Fashion Print by Marnie Fogg.

It is said that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but the psychedelic pink, orange and black swirling cover screams out its contents which seem so familiar from my 1970s childhood. I can remember so clearly the patchwork cushions in the back of my mother’s little red car, ‘Rattle Bang,’ that were formed from tiny hexagons of exactly these types of fabrics.

My mind is now buzzing with the potential for making some quite abstract needlepoint although it is quite daunting to step away from my more traditional designs. Perhaps I’ll get my paint brushes out first and see what happens.

1960s fashion print collage

Prints from; Bernard Nevill, Liberty of London, Alexander Henry Fabrics and Natalie Gibson

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