Crocodile Feet

Oh my goodness, over three weeks in and these Easter holidays still haven’t finished, hence the lack of blogging.

However, I have been squeezing in a little bit of crochet. I am currently working on several projects at once and yet another, a glorious floral bag, came to mind last night, but is currently just a very rough sketch in one of my many notebooks.

This morning I have finally created a crocodile leg in yarn. It proved quite a challenge as it is crocheted in spirals and it took rather a long time to work out how to bend the shape into an elbow, essential as his legs need to be able to dangle if his body is to work as a scarf. I now have to turn my attention to his head and I would really like him to make me smile so his teeth might be little wonky and his eyes need to have a bit of sparkle.

Fingers crossed the yarn will twist itself into the correct shapes and I should be able to write up a pattern and possibly put together a kit.

Crocodile feet


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