Crochet Cushions

I have become quite hooked on crochet. It was something I only started last year after watching a YouTube ‘how to’ video and since then I have loved trying to twist the yarn into the shapes I imagine.

This new cushion works well to combine my cross stitch designs and crochet. Double crochet in spirals working with two yarns gives a fantastic intarsia effect AND you don’t have to sew in any loose ends. There is quite a lot of twisting when changing colours but I have discovered that popping each yarn into a separate drawstring bag means  you don’t end up with a great tangle of threads.

The yarn is a beautiful silky cotton – Ultra Prima by Cascade
It comes in a range of the most beautiful colours and crochets into a really sturdy textile perfect for cushions and bags that have to stand up to the rigours of family life.

I had better get my fingers twisting that yarn to get the patterns ready!

Fern Cushion


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