Inspiration from a notebook and piece of plastic

I have finally recovered from a very hectic but thoroughly enjoyable week at the Knitting and Stitching Show in London. I think I must have chatted about needlework solidly for the entire week! But how inspirational and I am now buzzing with lots of new ideas.

My lovely husband always buys me a notebook for birthdays and Christmas – these are where all my very quick sketches and ideas are scribbled down.

My latest jotter has the most fabulous bird illustrations on the cover. Combined with the surprising discovery of plastic canvas from Darice has triggered the idea of some really quick, chunky wool cross-stitch designs. I am trying to keep the colours to an absolute minimum and at 7 holes to the inch these new critters should be ideal for children but hopefully still appealing to us grown-ups….Oh, and I have sneaked in a beady eye!chunky-cross-stitch-birds



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