A Sparkly Unicorn for a Mythical Knitter

Home from a fantastic Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate and just taking some time before I tackle the unpacking and back orders.

Tonight I am going to a party. My children seemed quite shocked that I have a social life but less so when I explained it was a Mythical Winter Knitting themed event.
I am very excited though and have sew a unicorn for the birthday girl.

He had been stitched entirely in wool but whilst away I thought he really needed some silver beads on his horn…..Disaster…..and I am going to whisper this next bit because it goes against all needlework advice…Rather than worrying about acid free mount board etc. I had ‘no more nails’ him to the box frame to create a shadow gap. Anyway, how to sew beads onto a firmly glued canvas???? I had to resort to a very bendy beading needle and tweezers but I got those beads on this critter.

I think it is probably fine to post a picture of my mythical beast as I am guessing Louise is probably going to be far too busy today preparing the woolly celebration in London to have time to look at the computer!



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