A Christmas Muffin

Some of you may have already seen this little Muffin the Mule as I started him last spring after finding the vintage pattern in a local charity shop. He was a project I kept by the computer so a little stitching could be squeezed into the odd moment of light relief from spreadsheets!

My mother would occasionally look in to ‘see how he was coming along’ and then in the autumn, when half finished, he simply disappeared – she had snaffled him! I didn’t see him again for a few weeks but then he reappeared, the majority of the stitching complete and some muttering about the pattern being wrong – the Pelham puppet version, her childhood love, only had four strings.

So, a quick Google search for a picture and I was able to put the four strings in the correct place, remove the waste canvas, pop him in a beautiful Victorian maple wood frame and here he is in his full glory – I managed to take a quick photograph before wrapping him up and returning him to my mother for her Christmas present!




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