Antique Inspiration

It was a very chilly -6°C this morning but I wrapped up well and was determined to head to the local antiques fair at Ardingly with the intention of finding some furniture for our entrance hall. A sideboard or chest with lots of storage for my precious fabrics and yarns would have been perfect!

Alas, none of the furniture quite fitted the bill but the great joy of an antiques fair is all the other unexpected treasure that is on offer. There is often a lot of vintage clothing or curtaining made with really quirky fabric. Chairs may be in pieces but the seat still covered with beautiful needlepoint and then there are always unique pieces of art!

Probably much to my husband’s relief I only made a couple of purchases, including this pair of Staffordshire rabbits. I have never seen a pair quite like this and I think they may be an imported Chinese interpretation, but at only £20 they were, ‘cheap as chips,’ and are crying out to be made up into embroidered cushions.



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