Crochet Taxidermy Bear

My favourite present is a bag of yarn and my husband came up trumps for my birthday delivering both a book by Vanessa Moochie, ‘Trophy Heads to Crochet’ and the wool to make the bear and lion. I adore this book, it is so creative and the patterns are reliable, both written clearly and drawn out as diagrams. It is such a treat to be able to simply relax and enjoy the process of crochet, following rather than trying to simultaneously design and write a pattern myself. However, it has taken me an age to complete the bear. He has sat in pieces on the desk in the living room for almost a year until this Christmas when I finally thought I should stitch him together. For someone who loves sewing I always seem to put off sewing up knitting and crochet projects….it makes no sense! Anyway the bear is finished and I love him, the yarn is perfect for giving just the right amount of fluff to the fur and the eyes are so clever. Now I need to find a spot to display him and possibly make a start on my lion head.

Crochet Bear


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