Chicken in a Basket

Just packing a few handstitched and framed ‘chicken in a basket’ for the Pop-Up Emporium in the Royal Victoria Place shopping centre 13th to 14th November.

I thought a few finished beadwork pieces might appeal to those who find stitching the kits too much of a palaver….If they sell well then I might offer them on the website ????

Right, back to the packing – probably the hardest part of the show, but it should be a good event with plenty of crafty goodies to tempt me!

Chicken in a Basket Landscape


Rooster or Cockerel ?

The children are finally back at school and I can get back to the ‘Spring Chickens’. Do I refer to this chap as a rooster or a cockerel? He doesn’t have a name yet but ‘Rodger’ and ‘Colin’ keep springing to mind – surely he deserves better? Anyway, better crack on as these chickens are booked on a flight to Australia before the end of the month. Meet them at ‘The Crewel Gobelin’, Sydney.


Christmas Chickens

It is almost Christmas……. The cards have all been written and posted, the tree decorated, the presents are wrapped and I have spent a lovely afternoon watching the children perform their nativity in the village church…… Now I am thinking about beadwork designs for Easter! Spring Chicken Selection Chicken fans, any preferences for one of the hens? Please contact me with your vote!

'Betty' my neighbour's hen and the inspiration for Clementine
‘Betty’ my neighbour’s hen and the inspiration for Clementine