Spring Quilt Festival

Several weeks ago I spent an inspirational afternoon at the Spring Quilt Festival, Ardingly. I do occasionally make quite simple cotton quilts for the home and when I was 12 years old my very first attempt at a quilt won a prize at school. However, the quilts on display were in a completely different league!!!

Alison Bramley combines quilting with patchwork and appliqué, in a rainbow of dupion silk, to create some quite breathtaking work which I am guessing isn’t used to keep her cosy at night. I loved her ‘Midnight Peacock Revisited,’ ‘Italy – A Tale of Three Cities’ and ‘Beating the Blues with Blue Bs.’ If you would like a closer look at this beautiful work just click the image.

Alison Bramley Quilts

Although I am a traditional hand stitcher it was quite remarkable to see some of the intricate quilting that may now be achieved with longarm machines. I saw some of these machines at Knitting & Stitching, Alexandra Palace, last autumn …. they are great fun but I have to admit to being quite shocked by both their price and size – they are enormous!

Long Arm Quilting Examples

Finally there was a fine selection of ‘Saints of Cornish Churches’ by the Cornish Quilters and Stitchers. Thirty five quilts each depicted a chosen saint and again used a wide variety of stitching techniques. There were some quite beautiful motifs and I was totally enchanted by the fish, leaping into the font, stitched by Stithians WI Patchwork Group.

Fish Quilting


Christmas Chickens

It is almost Christmas……. The cards have all been written and posted, the tree decorated, the presents are wrapped and I have spent a lovely afternoon watching the children perform their nativity in the village church…… Now I am thinking about beadwork designs for Easter! Spring Chicken Selection Chicken fans, any preferences for one of the hens? Please contact me with your vote!

'Betty' my neighbour's hen and the inspiration for Clementine
‘Betty’ my neighbour’s hen and the inspiration for Clementine